RS232 Cable for Amiko

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RS232 Cable for Amiko
« Сообщение: Среда 07 Августа 2019, 14:37:26 »
The receiver Amiko mini combo comes with an infrared sensor on the cable. 
This cable can be converted into an rs232 cable, and the IR sensor can be returned without damage if necessary.

It is easy to remove the cover with a small screwdriver on the side where the cable enters the transparent case.
The numbers in the figure indicate the pin numbers on the computer

The contacts on the sensor board are soldered to the touch, there are no holes. This simplifies.
Contact marked in yellow, in some schemes on the internet, is also going to mass. It works for me without that contact.

2 green
3 red
5 black

Better yet, buy the male and female rs232 9 pin connectors. Cut the cable in half and solder one connector to each end of the cable. On the cable with the sensor male and on the cable with 3.5 mm connector female.

I disassembled the IR sensor from Combo Extra and I was surprised.

The cable is not soldered to the printed circuit board but the connector is attached.
Other colors of wires are used.
2 white
3 red
5 black

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