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DVBViewer Pro (без обсуждений)
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DVBViewer Pro  6.1.5

Change Log DVBViewer Pro 6.1.5
Added: Picture in Picture: New items in the PiP context menu:
Favorite Plus/Minus: Switches PiP playback to the next / previous favorite that is available for PiP. The items are only visible if favorites are configured.
Channel List: Opens/closes the channel list window or puts it to the front in full screen mode. The window allows to select the channel for PiP playback by right-clicking it and selecting “Picture in Picture” in the context menu (provided there is a tuner available for additionally playing the channel).
Show in a Separate Window: Switches PiP display to a separate (independent) video window or back to the window embedded in the DVBViewer main window. The separate window can be moved freely to any screen position. Since it redirects keyboard input to the main window, PiP can be controlled as usual with the OSD, particularly with the OSD context menu that appears after pressing OSD Blue (by default F8).
Full Screen: This item is only available in “separate window” state. The command switches PiP to full screen or back to window mode. The same can be achieved by double-clicking the PiP area. When changing to full screen mode, PiP audio playback is automatically switched on and main window audio playback off. This can be toggled at any time by using the “Picture in Picture Audio on/off” context menu item or clicking the PiP area with the middle mouse button.
Change: Picture in Picture: Faster channel swapping between Picture in Picture and the Main Window by avoiding unnecessary device deallocation and reallocation if different devices are used. The Channel Plus/Minus items of the OSD context menu for PiP now respond to the “Favorites based OSD navigation” tweak (see Tweaker.exe) by changing to Favorite Plus/Minus.
Fix: Picture in Picture Options: PiP playback was not rebuilt after a change in the PiP options (e.g. a different decoder). In a new DVBViewer installation PiP used the wrong video renderer as default, though the PiP options displayed the correct one as selected, causing no picture under Windows 10.
Added: Channel Editor: Picture in Picture tool button and context menu item that plays the selected channel as Picture in Picture. The function is disabled if there is no tuner available for (additionally) playing the channel.
Fix: Recorder: When recording in MPG format a flag in the video header (sequence parameter set) was changed erroneously, particularly affecting video editing software (see here).
Fix: Recording Timers: Timers with weekly repetitions for programs that start at or a short time after midnight with a lead time extending into the previous day were not handled correctly and not displayed in the EPG as already scheduled.
Change: Timer Recordings: DVBViewer omits a forced channel switching caused by a starting timer recording for which the tuner is needed, if timeshift is active and the playback position is in the past (also in pause mode). Although Timeshift recording has to be stopped, the timeshift file is kept, so that timeshift playback can continue. This also applies, if DVBViewer is configured as Media Server client and the server can't deliver the current channel anymore due to a starting timer recording.
Fix: Media Server Client: If timers were delegated to the Media Server, editing them always let the selection jump to the last added timer in the Timer Recordings window instead of keeping it. Options → DVBViewer Media Server → Download channel logos from the server did not work with logo filenames containing blanks (see here).
Added: RTSP Client: Automatic port detection if Tvheadend as server uses the non-standard port 9983 for RTSP, because port 554 is not available due to missing Linux root rights. Additionally DVBViewer tries the alternative RTSP standard port 8554, if the “Automatic RTSP server IP:Port correction” tweak is switched on and the configured server is unreachable via the RTSP standard port 554.
Added: Hardware Options: “Scan Sat>IP Servers” button. It lets DVBViewer search for Sat>IP (RTSP) servers in the home network and automatically insert RTSP network device entries for all tuners (DVB-S/T/C) reported by the server at the top of the device list. Please note that this button is disabled if DVBViewer is configured as Media Server client (see Options → DVBViewer Media Server). In this case the search should be performed in the Hardware Options of the associated Media Server, followed by Help → Media Server Wizard in the DVBViewer client for updating the RTSP network devices, if necessary.
Change: Hardware Options: Selecting a server in the RTSP Sat>IP settings dialog automatically sets the tuner type to a type offered by the server, if the information is available. Previously it was always set to “Satellite” as default for newly added devices.
Change: Hardware Options: The “Status” drop-down list (previously offering “Do not use” and “Normal”) has been replaced by a simple “Use device” checkbox below the device list.
Fix: Hardware Options: After hardware configuration changes DVBViewer did not recalculate if timers can be executed.
Change: Media Server Wizard: The Wizard does not delete RTSP devices from the device list entries anymore that belong to other Sat>IP servers than the associated DVBViewer Media Server, but only disables them by switching “Use Device” off.
Added: Main Window: Help → Change Log menu item that displays the DVBViewer change log in the browser. It contains hints for new or changed functions. By using the search function of the browser (Ctrl + F) you can find topics that you are interested in.
Fix/Change: Recording/Device Statistics Window: Some adjustments on the Device Status tab (automatic adjustment of the column width to the window width, useless device status display removed, the device list did not respond to auto-creation of a new TS Stream device).
Change: Channel List / Playlist: Enhanced handling of M3U import if additional information preceding the channel name in #EXTINF tags contains commas. Now DVBViewer assumes that the channel name begins after the first comma outside of double quotes.


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